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About HitCrux
Hitcrux is a website which provide real time detailed web traffic stats having in class best features free of cost. Website administrators can use hitcrux stats to analyze website visitors trends and make necessary improvements to increase website traffic.

Safe, Secure and Reliable

HitCrux web stats tracking code which is used to track visitor is free from spyware, virus, malware or advertising. This code just collects basic information about web visitors only.

Terms of use

You can use HitCrux web stats counter tracking code on your website. You are free to track as many as websites you want if you acknowledge and accept following terms and conditions:-

- These types to website are NOT permitted to use HitCrux tracking code which encourage illegal activities like racism, human trafficking, sites involved in piracy, illegal content against any country and other activities which seems to be violating any law.

- You agree not to modify hitcrux tracking code.

- We are not responsible for any loss occurred due to use of this counter code, downtime of our service, termination, suspension of this tracking service. We are also not liable for any loss of old stats from our servers.

- Hitcrux user acknowledge and agree that their website data like site name, url, traffic counts may be used by hitcrux web service for use of directory listing of websites using hitcrux traffic counters or other promotional services.

- You acknowledge that HitCrux retains ownership rights of logos, trademarks, software, trade marks, website and databases etc. if there is any violation of these rights then you agree to remove objectionable content and our tracking code from your website.

- You acknowledge and agree that you will not use hitcrux counter code on any illegal website and hitcrux data can not be used for any legal purposes.

Privacy Policy

We suggest you to read privacy policy of hitcrux website. If you have any objection or question about the privacy policy, terms of use, use of your personal data or any other query regarding hitcrux website, you can contact us at Contact Us

Users Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Any user who uses hitcrux service do so voluntarily. To use hitcrux web stats services user needs to register with our website and provide some basic details like User Name, Name, Email, Website URL etc. By providing these details to us the user is agree to collect, store and disclose these personal details as explained in next paragraph.

Disclose of Personal Information

User personal details which we collect and store are used for contacting users, evaluating prospective high traffic website owners. We do NOT share your personal details with any third party who use your details for marketing of products or other promotions.

We reserve the right to disclose your personal details to third parties when needed for any court orders, Government orders purposes and any other purposes which seems to be right by law.

Direct Email

Hitcrux reserves the right to send direct emails to website users about major updates about this web service, Any urgent or critical information which seems to be useful for hitcrux users.

Collection of Website Visitor details

Hitcrux user places tracking code on his website, when any visitor visits his website, some visitor details like visitor IP address, browser, operating system, device used, traffic source and time are collected in a log file and stored on our servers which are used to serve you website stats. We collect only necessary user details and We never collect other user details like phone number, address, credit card details and other confidential data.

Third Party Advertisement

The advertisements placed on hitcrux website are provided by reputed advertising networks which are free from any harmful code, We share our website stats with these advertising networks to serve better ads on this website.

General Internet User Privacy

HitCrux web stats service provides website owners information about the visitor who visit their websites. This helps the website owner to understanding visitor statics in better manner which help in improvement of website content and can also be used to increase website traffic.

Use of Cookies

We allow our users to remain always logged in and remember their login details to hitcrux cpanel so that they don't need to enter log in details every time when they visit their control panel. To keep the users always logged in we place small cookie on user's computer hard disk. These cookies are simple and harmless text file which helps the web owners to keep them always logged in. Besides we use reputed third party advertising network services on this website. which may also place some cookies on your computer to serve better ads. There cookies are also safe and harmless. We do not place any other cookies on your computer and no personal data is collected from these cookies.

Children's Online Privacy

HitCrux web stats service does not deal with any persons under the age of 18 years. As we do not collect user date birth while registering so we are not able to determine user age so We suppose that all the hitcrux users are above the age of 18 years. If we find any user who is the under the age of 18 years his account will be deleted immediately.

Third Party Website Links

HitCrux website may contain some third party links on this website. Please ensure that we are not aware about the privacy policy of these third party websites. Our privacy policy applies to website only. We suggest you to read privacy policy of these third party websites without any failure.

Your any other queries, complaints and suggestions are always welcomed. Please feel free to Contact Us © 2016-2017 Privacy Policy - Terms Of Use - Contact Us - Powered By HitCrux

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